Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors [or spiral screw conveyors] represent a universal bulk conveying unit for the transportation of a wide variety of materials such as; grain, feed, various food products, sawdust and other dust products. The unit can be mounted either horizontally, oblique or even vertical. Depending on the requirements, screw conveyors can additionally be exclusive, dispensing or even mixing conveyors.

The diameter of the screw can be between 50 to 1600mm. Screw conveyors also vary, depending on the housing. The housing can be either in the shape of a tube or a trough. Screw conveyors can be made from carbon steels, stainless steel or a variety of other metals, depending on the requirements of individual units.

Screw conveyors have a number of advantages. Because of their simple construction and relatively small dimensions, they don't need a large amont of space to be mounted. They can be mounted on the floor, on ceilings or on walls. Units can be tightly sealed, thus they can be used for the transportation of dust materials and materials with unpleasant odors, without polluting the surroundings or the enviroment.

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