Bucket elevator conveyors

Bucket elevators with belts are conveyors with a vertical self supporting construction. They are intended for the express transit of granular materials. Materials are vertically transported in plastic or metal buckets.

Transported materials:

  • Granular materials: wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, barely, pellets, petroleum coke, chips, sand,...
  • Dusty materials: feed, wheat flour, lime, cement, alumina minerals,...


  • Large capacities – up to 600 t/h
  • Height of conveying - 60m and more
  • The very rigid and simple construction of the device allow for a very simple method of conveying materials. Additional elements assure for convenience and durability; anti roll-back device, speed control, devices preventing the horizontal disposition of the belt, explosion relief membranes and temperature measuring devices,
  • Bucket elevators are very energy saving devices.

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