Aspirators are intended for the fine cleansing of all types of granular materials with typical moisture levels of about 15%, which are stored in silos, mills, breweries and malting plants. They are also intended for the controlled sieving of dusty and fine granular materials and for the removal of various fine impurities from materials. The perforations of the drawers are adapted to the type of materials being processed. After treatment, both coarse and fine impurities are removed from the material.

Processing without the specialized cabinets for quality cleansing of impurities under normal conditions already fulfill the requirements for silo cleaning. For a more intense silo and mill cleaning, an additional special cabinet is added to the outlet of the aspirator.

Capacity (depending on the type of unit):

  • silo cleansing: from 30 to 120 t/h
  • mill cleansing: from 5 to 20 t/h


  • The circular motion of the sowing cabinet provides excellent grading and are also extremely effective
  • Flexibility for a wide variety of seed
  • optimal performance in relation to the used space
  • synchronized drives assure quiet and smooth operation
  • easy and economic replacement of sieves
  • reliable and safe operation
  • low operation and maintenance costs

Features of the suction box:

  • Vibrating feeding ensures a uniform distribution of material along the whole width of the unit in relation to the amount and density of the material.
  • easily adjustable dividers in the suction box enable control over the speed of air-flow and thus a very good sound secretory effect

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