Paddle mixers

Paddle mixers are intended for the mixing of dust and granular materials and are thus very versatile – for mixing concentrated feed, fertilizers, various building materials etc., or in other words materials where the mixing of components at various ratios is required.

Materials are filled into the mixer through one or more openings, which are located at optional locations and also at optional sizes on the cover of the mixer.

The mixers blades are made up of four blades, which are with the aid of arms attached to the drive axle. The blades are inclined and rotated at specific angles so that the materials being mixed are forced to change direction and speed while being mixed. Because of the shape and position of the blades a vortex and counter-current motion of the materials is obtained. This ensures that all the components being mixed are evenly distributed throughout the mixer.

Draining is carried out through the bottom of the unit through a flap. Because of the size of the flap, emptying is quick.

Main parts of the paddle mixer are:

  • housing
  • mixer blades
  • drive unit
  • blades
  • drive for the blades
  • assistive shaft
  • drive for the assistive shaft
  • cover

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