Vibrating sieves or “O” sieves as they are also referred to as, are intended for the sifting or dividing up of fine powdered materials into more fractions, according to the sizes of the grains of granular materials. They are manufactured as a compact unit, with a number of individual screens (1, 2, 3 or 4 screens). Each unit is manufactured and adapted according to the required sifting and more screens can easily be added. A single unit can be double, triple or even quadruple screened.

Structural features:

  • The main frame carries individual screens and moves eccentrically around an inclined axis. With this motion, the unit performs an additional flailing motion, which induces an additional effect of planetary sifting in the centre of the screens (small amount of vertical motion), while on the edges only vibrational sifting occurs (larger amount of vertical motion).
  • An adjustable drive for each individual material being sifted (adjustable eccentric, radial inclination, oscillations)
  • The cleaning of sieves is possible even during operation with the aid of rubber balls. The replacement of sieves is very quick.
  • Calm and quiet operation; low energy consumption; requires a small amount of space (we recommend that it is installed on a reinforced concrete structure)

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