Flow mixers

Flow mixers are intended for the continual mixture of running components in materials such as: molasses, grease and other materials. Mixing happens without adhesion and achieves optimum distribution of the added components, and thus stable quality of the material.

Mixers can be opened along the whole length of the device, which allows for simple servicing and enable easy replacement of worn down parts. Opening and closing of the cover is hydraulic or by a hand pump.

The housing of the device have additional fittings built in for the supply of liquid components.

Mixers are composed of mixing tubes, which have flanges mounted on both ends. The plastic mixing cylinders are bolted on the inside, which prevent materials becoming fixed to the inside walls of the unit. The plastic cylinders are easily cleaned and friction is greatly reduced and thus also the power required by the drive unit.

The shafts of the mixers have robust mixing blades. The angle of the blades can be adjusted. According to this angle, the intensity of mixing can be adjusted.

At the outflow of the device we have a connection for taking samples.

At the end of the second drawer we have two additional lateral bakers. They are composed of drive units and star shaped blades.

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