Universal grain cleaner

Universal grain cleaners are used for the fine cleansing of grain with moisture levels up to 15% in typical silo installations, mills, breweries and in oil mills. Because of their special designs, they can also be used as coarse cleaners for granular materials with specific moisture levels up to 35%. The combination of coarse and fine cleansing of grain is provided by a pre-cleaner and fine cleaner, which are the main parts of the acute cleaner.

The universal grain cleaner can also be used for the controlled sewing of powdery and fine granular materials. The meshes are adapted to the materials being processed.

Materials enter the cleaner through a special distribution device, which evenly distributes material over the whole width of the device. With the cascade system, grain is evenly distributed over four upper sieves, with coarse netting. Here larger impurities such as straw, pieces of cob and other large pieces are separated from the material.

From the coarse sieves, materials pass onto the finer sieves, where finer impurities such as fine dust, sand and other finer impurities are removed. Dust is separated from the material in the suction chamber at the entrance of the cleaner and at the output chamber of the cleaner. Dust and other impurities are removed from the cleaner through two screw conveyors. At the outlet of the cleaner we get a purified cleansed product and coarse and fine waste and dust.

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