Mixing plants for dry mortar

Mixing plants are designed so as to satisfy all technological processes of the production of dry construction materials.

The main points of technological production are:

  • preparation of materials (drying, separation, etc.)
  • storage of raw materials (cement, plaster, sand, additives, etc.)
  • production of dry mortar, adhesives and other building products,
  • packaging of finished products,
  • the bulk issuance of finished products

We build mixing plants with production capacities of from 3 to 30 t/h. In the plant, weighing, mixing of individual components according to predetermined amounts is done, to yield the desired type and quality of dry mortar and other products.

Since there are a number of raw materials, which at large quantities are known to be harmful to the human organism, all working stations and apparatus where dusting occurs or where dust is known to escape are well aspirated and air is cleaned with the aid of a bag filter, which retains 99,9% of all particles. The air is then released into the atmosphere, material is returned to the packaging line so there is no waste product.

The operation of a complete mixing plant is entirely automated, which is operated and controlled by a computer system.

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