Grain cleaners

With the introduction of combines, harvesting times are greatly reduced and the delivery of grain to various delivery stations is very concentrated. For this reason various conveying, cleansing and drying units are under greater pressure. In order to ensure a quick and smooth reception of harvested grain, in addition to conveying devices, also good cleaning and drying equipment of high performance are required.

Our grain cleaners, types: MBS 1000, MBS 630, CZ-30, CZ-60 and CZ-100 comply with all required regulations for all types of harvested grains. With a single cleaning all rough impurities are separated from the grain which allows for better and quicker drying of grain in various drying units. This ensures the safe storage of grain in silos and also prepares the grain for further fine cleansing prior to milling and other processing.

An excellent cleaning and quiet operation is provided by a rotating net and a special intake hopper with a flow control damper. For special heavy duty cleaning, where we have materials with greater moisture or other contaminations, additional metering devices are installed, which ensure for steady dosage of materials throughout the whole length of the net of the cleaner. An easy replacement of the nets and a construction entirely from steel, which withstand even the most robust working conditions, ensures for a unit which needs absolutely minimal servicing.

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